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About Student Energy



Student Energy is a global charity building the next generation of energy leaders who will accelerate the world’s transition to a sustainable energy future.

We engage youth in unique programs that empower them to become change agents and we work with actors within the energy system to create space for youth to have an impact.


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countries shaded in blue represent countries that have been represented at a Student Energy event


Student Energy's Theory of Change

The Theory of Change defines the end goal an organization is working towards, and then utilizes backwards mapping to illustrate how an organization's work creates the conditions for this goal to be possible. 


How do we create a sustainable energy future where energy serves the needs of the present in a way that is economically, socially and environmentally equitable, and does not compromise the ability of future generations to meet their needs?


The building blocks are the necessary conditions that lay the foundation for a sustainable energy future.



Student Energy encourages youth engagement with energy: in the industry, in global forums, and in their communities. Students should have a voice wherever their future is being determined. The millennial generation is the single most connected, ambitious and globally conscious generation in modern history. There is a massive opportunity to activate this generation to step outside of the partisan, siloed thinking of the past and engage in real, balanced, and meaningful dialogue to tackle our global energy challenges. That's where Student Energy steps in.

Student Energy's NICHE

Student Energy is Global, Multidisciplinary, and Balanced. 


Student Energy seeks to deliver accurate and unbiased energy information to students across the world. We present as many perspectives on energy topics as possible and allow students to draw their own conclusions on how to build a sustainable energy future. We always strive to create meaningful educational opportunities, promote knowledge transfer and facilitate open debate.

GlobalStudent Energy’s reach is global. We aim to serve and include all of the world’s university students in our initiatives and content. Student Energy approaches energy literacy from a macro and international level. Our focus is on understanding global energy systems and dynamics. 

Multidisciplinary - Student Energy encourages students to learn about energy from many perspectives. Working in silos is unproductive, and we need creative solutions in order to transition the world to a sustainable energy future. Student Energy strongly encourages students to learn about energy from perspectives outside of their own field of study and personal experience.

BalancedEnergy information tends to be polarized making it difficult for students to discern the “truth.” Student Energy cultivates critical thinking to develop balanced solutions.


Student Energy empowers students to become agents and change whil simultaneously working with actors in the energy industry to create the space for youth to act.


To facilitate the transition to a sustainable energy future, we need collaborative, resilient people who are willing to work hard toward this vision, both within the existing energy system, and as energy entrepreneurs. Our global community of Enernerds will be change agents who are prepared to tackle these problems.


Part of the transition to a sustainable energy future is the recognition of the need for innovative and collaborative human resources that will design the tools needed for a sustainable energy future.

When institutions include youth voices and agency in their operating model, they are acknowledging that innovative ideas and collaborative solutions are a key part of creating a sustainable energy future. This empowers those who will be integral players in the future of energy, and recognizes that youth are capable of working towards and contributing to this future.


Student Energy facilitates and curates a host of programs and events that empower change agents and advocate for youth on the world stage. 


Student Energy Chapters empower students to leverage our organizational knowledge and brand to take action on energy in their local communities. Chapters are led by students, and hosted at universities.


The International Student Energy Summit is a global forum that focuses on sustainable resource management and the role that students will play in defining the future of energy development. The Summit is Student Energy’s pinnacle event and takes place every two years in different cities around the world. First run in 2009, the International Summit is Student Energy’s longest-running program.  The event targets international, multidisciplinary post-secondary students in undergraduate and graduate studies interested in energy. 


The Energy System Map is the premier tool for anyone wanting to learn about the energy system to dive in, explore and engage. Energy is complicated, so the Energy System Map breaks information down in an unbiased way so students can have an accessible entry point.