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Applications have been extended for Greenpreneurs 2020! Learn more about the program below and apply here by May 4, 23:59 UTC.

What is Greenpreneurs?

Meet the 2019 Winners

Frequently asked questions

the collaborators


What is Greenpreneurs?

GREENPRENEURS is a cross-cutting INCUBATOR supporting youth-led solutions to global sustainable development challenges.

Young people are ready to implement solutions for a healthy environment, safe climate and a thriving clean economy. The goal of Greenpreneurs is to unlock, accelerate and support the natural innovative capacity of young people, to foster a generation of climate leaders who use social enterprise as a tool to build sustainable, resilient communities.

accelerating youth innovation

Greenpreneurs is a twelve-week global green entrepreneurship incubator and competition open to youth between the ages of 17 and 35. Youth may submit their idea for a solution that positively impacts the future of sustainable energy; water and sanitation; sustainable landscapes (forestry and agriculture); or green city development.

These priority themes reflect the urgent issues impeding growth in developing countries in the context of green growth, climate change, and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Its intentional broadness is expected to ensure maximum inclusion of creative and innovative ideas from around the world.

Key features of the program include a series of online learning modules and webinars, access to mentorship and expertise from subject matter experts, and a business plan competition in which winning teams can access small-scale seed funding to take their ideas from the planning stage to having tangible impact.

team photo.png
Greenpreneurs winning teams visit GGGI's Head Office in Seoul, South Korea, in 2018.

meet the 2019 winners


  1. Isdabest (Philippines): A sustainable seafood and coastal community empowerment model

  2. Kimuli Fashionability (Uganda): Upcycling plastic waste and employing persons with disabilities

  3. Rento-Rewa (India):  An online platform to facilitate the distribution of recycled water

Read the winning teams' full profiles here.

Each winning team sent a representative to GGGI’s headquarters in Seoul, South Korea in October to accept their award and present their business pitch at the General Council Meeting. The teams also received $5,000USD is small-scale seed funding to help them grow into the next stage of their business.

In 2019, all three winning teams happened to be founded by incredible women from diverse backgrounds who share a passion to make a difference in their community. In fact, of the fifteen participating teams this year, eight teams were led by women. Globally, women and girls are disproportionately affected by climate change and its related impacts, so it is crucial to recognize the importance of women’s leadership and innovation in implementing equitable and just sustainable development solutions.

frequently asked QUESTIONS

Please contact greenpreneurs@studentenergy.org if you have any further questions or would like to engage with the program as a supporting organization or mentor. 

When does the program start and finish?

For 2020, the core program will run from June 1st to August 28th. Each week will feature a virtual webinar, mentorship and weekly tasks supplemented with online resources and inter-team communication on the Greenpreneurs web portal. At the end of week 12, each team will submit their Business Plan, and winners will be announced in September.

Will greenpreneurs 2020 be affected by covid-19?

Greenpreneurs was developed as a fully virtual, cost-free program from its inception, so that it could be accessible to young people all around the world, at all stages of their education or careers. This year, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic presents new challenges for young people who are passionate about implementing climate change and sustainability solutions in their communities, as many summer learning opportunities, internships and work placements have been interrupted. We hope that Greenpreneurs will offer an opportunity for young people to continue building the skills and professional networks that they need to take action, while developing impactful solutions that will build resilience in their communities. 

We are adapting parts of our 12-week online curriculum and skill-building activities in response to public health guidelines on social distancing, to fully support teams that will not have access to university facilities and equipment or meeting spaces. For example, community engagement and consultation are important parts of our 12-week program as it is crucial for developing meaningful, equitable climate solutions, but COVID-19 means that many traditional community engagement methods are not possible for now. 

In addition to fostering remote team work, we will be introducing additional content to equip participants with the tools they need to be effective leaders that can respond to the needs of their communities in a time of global crisis.

How do I participate in the program?

The program will be run virtually to make sure youth can participate globally. This means you will need a consistent internet connection to participate, one that can support a virtual webinar (hosted on ZOOM) and G-suites. Test your internet connection here. Remember, your public library will often have community internet access (but bring headphones!).

What internet bandwidth do I need for zoom Webinars?

System Requirements for ZOOM include:

  • 2.0 Mbps up and down for single screen
  • 2.0 Mbps up 4.0 Mbps down for dual screen
  • 2.0 Mbps up 6.0 Mbps down for triple screen
  • For screen sharing only: 150-300kbps
  • For audio VoIP: 60-80kbps

Test your internet connection here.

What regions can participate?

For this competition, only teams working for/within GGGI Member Countries, which are primarily lower-income and middle-income economies, can participate. 

What prizes can I win?

This year, the top three teams who win the Business Plan Competition will win USD $5,000 per team in seed funding to get the initiative started. We will also have bursaries to the 2021 International Student Energy Summit available - a Summit which unites 700 students from 100+ countries to engage with the world's energy leaders and innovate for the sustainable energy future. Finally, depending on countries participating, there will also be the potential to collaborate with the Global Green Growth Institute at their country offices. 

Do I need to apply in a team?

Yes. We will consider teams with 2 - 5 members, but we recommend teams of 3 - 4 members, with enough people to combine many different skill-sets, but not so many that you spend all your time coordinating schedules. Collaboration is a key component of this incubator and as it is a condensed incubator, you will be able to take your idea to a more developed stage by working with a team. We highly encourage teams led by women or with women members to apply!

Do I need experience in entrepreneurship?

Nope! However, we do recommend that you apply with some experience in sustainability or the topic of your idea. This incubator will be fast-paced, so the more knowledge you have of your community/regional context and the topic you are working with the greater your competitive advantage. 

how many hours per week are required?

Each week there will be a one-hour webinar, a task submission, content to read and mentorship meetings. At a minimum, teams should expect to spend around 5 hours per week participating in the program. Teams may spend more time, if they wish, going through 'dive-deeper' resources provided online or working on their projects given their personal schedules.


the collaborators

Initiated and led by the Global Green Growth Initiative, Student Energy, and Youth Climate Lab, Greenpreneurs grew out of the collective goal of these three organizations, who wanted to support young people to develop and implement sustainable solutions that would positively impact their communities, and make progress toward the Sustainable Development Goals. 


1.31 GGGI Logo New Green.pngGlobal Green Growth Institute

The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) is a treaty-based international, inter-governmental organization dedicated to supporting and promoting strong, inclusive and sustainable economic growth in developing countries and emerging economies. GGGI was founded on the belief that economic growth and environmental sustainability are not merely compatible objectives; their integration is essential for the future of humankind. GGGI works with partners in the public and private sector in developing and emerging countries around the world to put green growth at the heart of economic planning.

YCL Logo.png     Youth Climate Lab

Youth Climate Lab (YCL) is a youth-for-youth lab dedicated to supporting and creating
innovative projects for climate action. YCL works with governments, businesses, civil society and international organizations to identify, design and pilot new ideas for effective climate action. YCL focuses on delivering a range of programs that have demonstrated potential to stimulate climate innovation and create strategies and tools to make it easier to get involved in climate action.

SE-vert-clr-bg.png      Student Energy

Student Energy is a global charity empowering young people to accelerate the sustainable energy transition through a variety of initiatives, including 40+ global university-based Chapters, a digital Energy Systems Map that has reached over 3 million users, and the international Student Energy Summit, which the largest student-led energy conference in the world. SES 2019, held in July in London, UK was the sixth Student Energy Summit, with previous Summits taking place in different regions of the world ranging from Bali, Indonesia to Trondheim, Norway. Student Energy also offers skill-building programs such as the Student Energy Leaders Fellowship and Greenpreneurs.